Effective data protection requires appropriate technical and organizational solutions.

Key Security Factors

IT security
within the company

Modern technologies bring benefits but also risks. Although these solutions reduce risk, it is worth paying attention to potential damage, even those that seem mundane, that may negatively affect the company. It is worth emphasizing that the human factor can ruin even the best IT security solutions.

Examples of threats

Our Services

Flowberg IT provides SOC
(Security Operation Center) services

The service monitors the security of business processes taking place in the client’s IT infrastructure. Thanks to it, it is possible to respond quickly to emerging events that threaten the continuity of business processes.

The service reduces the possibility of compromising systems critical to the functioning of the enterprise and minimizes the possibility of leakage or publication of data that is of key importance to the customer. The SOC’s work also results in reports showing the condition of the ICT environment in which business processes take place.

The reports provide information on the frequency, threat level and degree of resilience of the IT infrastructure to emerging events. At the same time, they contain recommendations regarding the steps necessary to minimize emerging threats.

SOC Implemented Tasks

An audit of the company’s IT security policy

Monitoring of events related to IT security

Cyclical audit and recommendations related to security policy based on event monitoring

Recommendations regarding the shape and method of implementation of solutions for systems processing critical data

Monitoring access to business-critical data

Benefits of SOC

24/7 monitoring of IT security events

Cyclical audit and modification of enterprise security policy procedures

Cyclical audit and recommendations related to security policy based on event monitoring

Introducing and detailing procedures for behavior in crisis situations.

Comprehensive information on the state of the IT security infrastructure

Minimizing costs incurred for ICT security related to post-active activities

Proper analysis of the initial state and needs of the institution or enterprise in the field of information security

Risk management system implementation

Implementation of the Information Security Policy, in accordance with the guidelines and legal regulations

Talk to me about the SOC offer for your organization

Tomasz Orłowski | Director of the Cybersecurity Solutions Division

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FLOWBERG IT has been operating in the IT industry since 2018, and the experience of people working in our company dates back to the 1990s. We provide IT services in the areas of IT infrastructure, system integration, security and software.

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The company is entered into the National Register of Entrepreneurs, whose registration files are kept by the District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. Share capital: 100,000 PLN.



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