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We specialize in the comprehensive construction of low-current installations, offering innovative and tailored solutions in the field of low-current technologies. Our services include the design, installation, maintenance and upgrade of a variety of systems that contribute to the safety, efficiency and comfort of both commercial and residential spaces.

Extensive experience of our employees, equipment and design facilities allow us to implement the latest technologies and provide functional and efficient solutions.

Our main areas of activity are:

Monitoring systems (CCTV)

We design and install advanced monitoring systems, including surveillance cameras, video recorders, image management systems and remote access. Our solutions enable effective monitoring and protection of facilities and are applicable to both small companies and large industrial complexes

Access control systems (AC)

We provide access control systems that allow for precise management of access to buildings and rooms. This solution is perfect for offices, public institutions, shopping centers and wherever there is a need to secure access.

Alarm installations

We offer alarm systems that protect against burglary and other threats. Our alarm systems are flexible and easy to use, which allows them to be tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Systems integration

We are able to integrate various low-current systems into one coherent platform, which allows for easier operation and supervision of the whole.

Fire Alarm Systems

They are a key element in ensuring fire safety in buildings and other facilities. Their main goal is to detect fire threats early and quickly inform people and emergency services about the occurrence of a fire. Fire Alarm Systems play a key role in preventing property loss and protecting lives in the event of a fire. They are often required by building codes and are an integral part of security systems in buildings and public facilities.They are often required by building codes and are an integral part of security systems in buildings and public facilities.

Emergency lighting

A special type of lighting used in buildings, public facilities and industry, the purpose of which is to provide light in the event of a failure of the electrical power supply, such as a power outage or fire. Emergency lighting is critical to safety, helping people evacuate buildings in emergencies and enabling emergency services to operate effectively.

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment

We offer systems designed to protect against fires in specific areas, such as buildings, industrial production plants, warehouses and critical infrastructure. They operate automatically or with the help of an operator to detect, control and suppress fires in their early stages, helping to prevent major property damage and risk to life. Below is a general description of fixed fire extinguishing equipment. Fixed fire extinguishing devices use extinguishing agents depending on the type of threat. Our company uses gas extinguishing agents (gas extinguishers) for inert gases IG-541 (Inergen), IG-100 (Nitrogen), IG-01 (Argon), IG-55 (Argonite) and chemical FK-5-1-12 ( Novec 1230®), HFC-227ea (FM-200®). We particularly recommend Permanent Fire Extinguishing Devices for securing server rooms, archives and electrical switchboards.

We care about the quality of services, timeliness of project implementation and customer satisfaction. The team of engineers and technicians has extensive experience in the low-current industry and is ready to meet the most demanding customer needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a personalized solution that meets your expectations.

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Arkadiusz Słowik | Key Account Manager
tel. +48 667 512 516

Fire Protection Inspector  – authorization number SIOPA/59/2022/4/33

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FLOWBERG IT has been operating in the IT industry since 2018, and the experience of people working in our company dates back to the 1990s. We provide IT services in the areas of IT infrastructure, system integration, security and software.

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