Mass storage

Mass storage is a response to the pace of growth in the size of data sets collected by enterprises and institutions

The matter is complicated by the fact that information is stored using devices from different manufacturers, using different technologies and, in addition, operated using dedicated software. This also poses a challenge for an organization that expects consistent resource management.

  • A wide range of administrative activities that cannot be automated
  • Inability to fully utilize existing physical resources
  • Audit and recommendations related to security policy based on event monitoring
  • Difficulty scaling existing resources
  • A significant degree of complexity in the process of data migration across resources, including transfer from retired legacy devices
  • The dispersion of storage resources also has a significant impact on reducing the level of reliability of the entire system using stored and processed data.

We use technologies from manufacturers such as HPE, IBM, LENOVO to design mass storage systems.

Modern storage solutions are characterized by high availability and redundancy. They allow you to create and restore backup copies of data sets.

They enable most administrative work to be performed simultaneously via one central console. The use of SAN (Storage Area Network) mass storage networks allows independent hosts to access shared storage space.

FLOWBERG IT implements infrastructure projects in the three models described, delivering individual elements or providing comprehensive services:

Traditional internal model

Traditional internal “on premise” model implemented within the organization.

IaaS, Paas model

Providing IT infrastructure as a comprehensive service from an external operator that handles everything.

 Hybrid model

Using the resources of external hardware and software service providers as defined services providing computing power, mass storage space or system and application services

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Andrzej Michalak | Senior Key Account Manager

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