Innovative Analytical Platform 

Big Data I Graph Analytics I Data from multiple sources

The tool allows you to quickly combine large volumes of data from various sources and detect trends, patterns, and networks of connections.

As a certified Partner, we implement, configure, and provide analytical services based on the DataWalk platform..

Achieve better results

PMake better decisions by analyzing ALL the data available. Quickly discover new connections and patterns across all of your data. Automatically identify e.g. criminal groups and their connections. Instant 360 degree view of all data.

DataWalk is an analytical platform that uses advanced graph technologies for data analysis. This platform enables organizations to effectively connect various data sources, discover patterns, identify relationships and create advanced visual analytics.

Thanks to DataWalk, it is possible to quickly process large data sets and generate comprehensive reports, which allows you to make more accurate business decisions. DataWalk can be used in various fields such as crime analysis, risk management, data auditing and financial analysis.

Quickly combine large amounts of data into a single knowledge graph.

Quickly combine large amounts of data from computers, databases, and other internal/external sources into one single repository.

Knowledge graph – intuitive data representation

10 X faster analysis

  • All data in one place, easy to search and analyze;
  • Quick results even with billions of records;
  • Combination of expert and statistical methods (e.g. Machine Learning, clustering) in one solution;
  • Automatic analysis and scoring

Certainty and safety

  • Repeatable results: saving and rerunning analyses;
  • Analytics on all available data;
  • High-risk entity typing using scoring supported by statistical and expert methods;
  • Secure multi-dimensional authorization module.

Examples of application:

Anti-money laundering

Blockchain investigations

Border security

Mobile phone data analysis

Pandemic management

Human trafficking

Illegal immigration

Internal/external fraud

Insurance fraud

Intelligence Analytics

Legal wiretapping

Machine Learning

Organized crime

Collecting and analyzing data from open sources (OSINT)

Billing analysis

We possess extensive expertise in the implementation and support of the DataWalk solution. Much of our team originates directly from the group that co-created this analytical platform for advanced investigations.

This provides us with a deep understanding of the tool and its applications. We also have specialists on board who have worked on projects involving the processing and analysis of multiple variables from diverse datasets (Big Data).

Our team consists of project managers, experienced solution engineers, system operators, and IT architects. Our experience enables us to understand the client’s detailed requirements excellently and effectively manage projects. 

The team’s strengths lie in analytical skills in graph analysis for data modeling, deep technical knowledge in operating systems, cloud services, and ETL tools.

Our offering includes implementing the DataWalk platform and customizing it to the client’s needs, providing training on utilizing its capabilities, technical support, and specialized analytical consultations.

Explore the potential of our team and take advantage of a free consultation to discuss the details of the analytical offering using DataWalk. 

Let’s talk about implementation, configuration and data analysis using Data Walk

Paulina Czajka | Director of Monitoring and Analytical Systems

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