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Choose a new advanced service from Flowberg IT, which collects and analyzes information from publicly available sources, tailored to your needs.

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In-depth analysis,
many years of experience

Our many years of experience in OSINT data analysis will provide solid support for your company in making informed
and well-thought-out decisions. We understand the imperative of integrating the information needed in the recruitment process to ensure operational stability and strategic continuity of the enterprise.

How does OSINT HR Flowberg IT work?


Competency analysis

Detailed verification of professional qualifications and skills in the context of the strategic requirements of the position, as well as an in-depth examination of the authenticity of certificates, diplomas and educational history.


Background check

A comprehensive career path analysis, including roles, responsibilities and key achievements. Meticulous checking of recommendations and references in the context of the potential for professional synergy.


Assessment of connections

Strategic analysis of risks associated with the candidate, including connections with higher-risk activities.


Behavioral analysis

Precise assessment of candidates’ presence on social media, aimed at identifying potential threats to organizational culture. In-depth verification of compliance with the company’s values and ethical standards.

Companies can build solid and conscious competencies in the collection and analysis of information from open sources needed in the recruitment process thanks to OSINT HR training.

Contact us to explore our capabilities and plan a personalized training plan.

Flowberg IT OSINT

OSINT HR is needed where quick access to information can support decision-making, market analysis, risk management and operational activities. Thanks to the open interview, you will increase your market advantage, improve safety and make informed decisions in the area of Human Resources.

Active management of employee risks

  • screening of current employees
  • obtaining continuity of safety standards and internal ethics
  • identification of risk areas
  • determining and minimizing reputational risk

HR Effectiveness

  • HR process optimization using OSINT intelligence
  • perception of team dynamics
  • assessment of potential conflicts
  • creating strategies to increase employee commitment and loyalty

Data analysis

  • thorough verification of information sources
  • current data
  • information selection
  • validation of obtained data

We carry out our tasks, among others, in the following areas:

Background check verification

Background analysis of candidates

Social connections analysis

Detecting employment-related risks

Monitoring the reputation of employees and candidates

Verification of compliance with legal regulations

Research on behavioral patterns and tendencies

Verification of public statements and publications

OSINT HR training

OSINT Flowberg IT main benefits

The highest level of services provided

Flowberg IT has the best dedicated team of experts in Poland. We have facilities and infrastructure that enable safe storage and analysis of materials, including classified materials, in a protected Data Center building.

Up-to-date info

Thanks to OSINT HR, it is possible to obtain current data that is crucial for candidate analysis, document assessment
and background verification.


Using publicly available information eliminates the risk of violating privacy or copyright, which is important when verifying the authenticity of documents and analyzing metadata. The benchmark of our activities is the legal team, which supports us at every stage of implementation and guarantees the legality and transparency of our activities in cooperation with the client.

Detailed analysis

OSINT HR allows for in-depth analysis by combining data from various sources, which is crucial when verifying connections at many levels, including: broadly understood identification and analysis of traces of activity on the Internet, correspondence between contractors and assessment of quality requirements in accordance with applicable law.


One of our main priorities and assumptions is flexibility in operation. We adapt our OSINT HR analysis to the specific requirements of the client, which is crucial in various industries, scale of operations and limited time.

Cost and time

Traditional candidate verification methods can be costly and time-consuming. OSINT HR offers a faster and often more effective tool for gathering the necessary information.

How to begin cooperation?

Contact us, after a free consultation, we will determine the scope and purpose of intel gathering activities, which we will conduct in accordance with the mutually agreed arrangements.

Jakub Karmowski

Director of the OSINT Departament

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